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Handyman Electrical

We know our way around electrical outlets and appliances. Anything that turns on, we can handle. Handyman electrical work can be a simple change of an outlet, hanging a fan, or installing that new microwave, count on our Palm Bay Handyman to get it done right the first time. Our team has plenty of experience with all types of electrical jobs. This expertise is important when it comes to ensuring the safe operation of electrical items. As they say, you gotta use the right tool for the job, and proper education is necessary to know the proper procedure. Improper wiring can lead to dangerous consequences. Expensive appliance failures, circuit breaker malfunction, and even fire in extreme cases can result from the miswiring of electrical hardware. We are aware of electrical codes and standards that apply to most household conditions. Common requests include:

  • Ceiling Fans
  • Bathroom Fans
  • Ovens
  • Vent Hoods
  • Outlets
  • Move Receptacles (E.g. kitchen or bath remodel)

Old, deteriorated wires can put your home at risk. When the outside of a wire becomes compromised, it increases the possibility of shorting out and causing bigger problems in your residence. This effect is often amplified by the hot Palm Bay sun. Our handyman electrical technicians know the proper size wire to use in order to safely carry the intended electrical load, without causing the wire to get too hot and melt. Safety is our number one concern, and our team knows the proper precautions to take when it comes to household electrical work. This includes something as simple as using electrical tape around outlets and wire leads, to prevent possible contact with fingers or metal boxes. Also, proper wire connections are crucial when it comes to the long term performance of electrical outlets and appliances. Improper connections can lead to hidden problems and potential danger to the next person who touches them. Electrical shock is nothing to mess around with to anybody less than an expert. Let the pros handle this unseen force, and call Palm Bay Handymen today!

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