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Flooring is another trade our handymen are trained in. Anything from tile to vinyl, wood to playroom foam, and rubber floors for the dog pen. With years of experience working on all different types of floors, we can cleanly and efficiently lay down the floor of your liking. We also offer staining for wood floors, as well as grout repair for existing tile floors. Have good tile and bad grout? Save money by having us remove the old grout, and install some fresh grout in its place. If you have a good floor with damage in the middle, oftentimes we can replace what needs to be fixed and make it blend right into the existing floor! Give our handyman floor repair guy a shot! We call him the β€˜best in the biz.’

* Stain
* Wood Floors
* Vinyl Floors
​* Tile & Grout Install / Repair

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