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Stucco Repair: If you have damage to the stucco on your house, it needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Even small holes in the stucco will start to take in water, and become larger over time. Excess moisture is the number one enemy to the integrity of your home. Not to mention a place for termites to get into! The good news is, this is a routine fix for us. We can mix up a patch, or use a special caulk, and have it fixed in no time. Often times We can match the texture to the rest of the home. And if you top it off with a fresh coat of paint to make it disappear back into the wall.

Gutter cleaning: A regular part of home maintenance should be to have your gutters cleaned. Especially if you live by several large trees. Over time plant debris, dirt, and even the granules from roof shingles washes into the gutters and sits on the bottom. The more debris present, the more gets caught in the mix. Clean gutters allow the water to flow freely. Dirty gutters cause water to remain long after the rain, sometimes not draining at all until it evaporates. As more gunk builds in the gutter, it creates mildew buildup. Eventually this leads to saggy gutters and rotten soffits. This preventative care pays for itself in the long run. While our handyman cleans your gutters, he will give a visual inspection of the drainage system, and ensure everything is as it should be. We take care to contain the gunk and dispose of it cleanly!

Outdoor Painting / Staining: We know the Florida sun is intense. Everything fades over time. Our handymen can repaint the trim around your windows, touch ups on the house, or even a fresh new coat. We also stain decks, fences, railings, etc.

Landscaping: We can do small jobs around the landscapes as well. This can involve moving plants, trimming, cutting beds etc. Give us a call and let us know how we can help! Other outdoor repairs: We can repair just about anything. All of our years in the handyman repair field have given us plenty of insight into working with materials and tools.

We provide solutions all most any outdoor need for your home:

* Stucco Repair
* Gutter Cleaning
* Outdoor Painting / Staining
* Landscapes
* Most Outdoor Repairs

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