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Drywall: Our team knows their way around drywall. We can repair any size hole, or even replace a whole room with new drywall. The drywall specialists at Palm Bay Handymen know the ins and outs of hanging a piece of drywall, setting the proper depth of the screws, and how to make it all blend together with a nice coat of joint compound seamlessly joining any repairs or new drywall. Getting a patch to blend into an existing wall can be quite a challenge for an amateur. There is a delicate balance of drywall mud between too much and not enough. Too much and it will need quite a bit of elbow grease to get the two surfaces to match. Then probably another coat of mud to fill in the grooves caused by sanding. Too little, however, and you run the risk of sanding right through the drywall paper. Of course, you’ll need more mud, but that paper now needs a special kind of paint to be applied before anything else will adhere to it. As always, it pays to do it right the first time.

Painting: Our handyman painters can make that patch fully disappear with a fresh coat of paint. Whether it’s just a patch in the wall, or you want a fresh look to an entire room, we can get it done with a nice clean finish. Plenty of care is taken to get a great coat of paint only where it belongs, so don’t worry if you just finished having some work done. Our guys will take every precaution necessary to ensure everything else stays in pristine condition, as it was when we found it. Our experience speaks through our work and our practices.

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