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Whether you are looking for the best handyman in Palm Bay or trying to find an expert in home repairs, we have you covered. We pride ourselves on providing the best value, and the best bang for the buck.

We don’t like to use the word cheap. However, if you are looking for a cheap handyman for the Palm Bay area, we provide the best value for the money. Our experience shows through all of our work. Any project is welcomed, and no job is too small.

        Our service is our reputation. We go beyond just cleaning up after ourselves. Our Palm Bay handyman guarantees all work to the utmost satisfaction. Our guys are polite and on time. We are only satisfied with the project if you absolutely love it. We have a handyman who specializes in almost every area you can think of, and our prices are competitive, with the peace of mind that all work is done as if it were our own home. If you are concerned with handyman prices, we are a top competitor in our market. Each quote is made with value in mind, giving you the most for your money.


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Painting & Drywall

We have someone to handle any project of any size. If you need a handyman for painting, count on us to lay a nice flawless coat of paint. We can certainly make that patch in the wall disappear. We can also paint a whole room for that fresh new look. If there is a hole that needs a drywall patch or repair to be made first, our team can handle that, too. We even have a go-to handyman for painting the outside of your house! And don’t forget about hurricane shutters. As a necessity in Florida, we have plenty of experience with all types of home finishes. Stucco repair is also something our guys can handle. The problem should be patched and painted to avoid water intrusion into the home. We can patch the stucco and then make it disappear with a fresh coat of paint. Give us a call, let us prove our value.

TV mounting

Odd Jobs

We’re here for you. Unique jobs are common for us. We are handy with trailer setup, we can even load a trailer for you. Furniture setup takes a steady pair of hands and watchful eyes to ensure a smooth setup without damaging the furniture or anything else around it. Hanging a shelf or TV mount? Our guys anchor objects to walls almost as often as they brush their teeth. You can rest assured that your TV mount or floating shelf will stand up to the test of time, and hold the weight they are designed for without budging.

Gutter cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Clogged gutters can lead to ugly mildew and eventually water damage. Not to mention water pouring off of your roof when it rains. This can eventually lead to gutter damage, and a more expensive solution is needed for that. If this is you, don’t wait! Small damage only gets bigger over time. Call us now! We love shrinking that to-do list. Some people call it ‘Hire a husband,’ but we’ll stick to handyman services in Palm Bay Florida!

Flooring installation


We do flooring jobs, too! We can send a handyman to tile and grout, lay vinyl / wood flooring, etc. Often with tile, the grout just needs to be cleaned and properly sealed. Sometimes grout replacement is necessary, and precision is needed to remove the old grout while leaving the tile intact and unscratched. This can, however, be much cheaper than tile replacement. If a handyman is needed, we are here on call. ​

Handyman plumber


Need handyman plumbing service? We have a handyman who specializes in all types of plumbing repairs. From a clogged sink to a stuffed up septic system, we can help. Our guys can install a faucet, drain, or sink. We can replace a toilet or even a shower door. Need to move some plumbing for a bathroom or kitchen remodel? We make plumbing connections you can trust. That means we can find and fix leaks too. Don’t let that pesky water drip cause any more staining! And don’t settle for anyone other than a professional who knows what they’re doing.​

Air filter replacement

Air Filters & Dryer Vents

We clean dryer vents and change air filters. Dust gathers on air filters and needs to be changed out regularly. This often overlooked bit of maintenance plays an important role in keeping the air you breathe clean. Similarly, dryer vents also accumulate dust and lint. As a layer builds up on the inside of the dryer vent, it only attracts more, causing your dryer to run less efficiently. Eventually becoming a fire hazard. Let our handyman help keep these important components in good working order!

 If you’re looking for the best handyman in Palm Bay Florida, look no further. Our team loves to see the satisfied look on our customers’ faces when they see our completed work. Small things can make a big difference. Say, caulking around a tub or shower. Even around a backsplash or trim. We have an eye for the finishing touches, and you’ll appreciate our attentiveness to detail.

Our specialty is utilizing the proper skills and tools to get things done. Our team’s unparalleled capability is limited only by your imagination. If you can think of a handyman project, we would love to be the ones to make it happen. Just let us know what you need to be done, and we’ll take care of the rest.
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